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Dynacom is a Brazilian manufacturer and distributor of clone consoles and various other electronics.


The company was established in 1981 and became famous thanks to producing clones of the NES,[1], Atari 2600,[2] Mega Drive,[3] and MSX as a result of the Reserve Market law[4] (although the Atari 2600 clone was before this law, it was released in 1983 and the law introduced the following year). The company also sells MP3 players, MP6 (with NES emulator), game pads, joysticks, and other domestic appliances.


  • Bem-vindo ao Mundo da Tecnologia ("Welcome to the World of Technology") (current)
  • Sempre Marca ("Always scores") (previous)
  • A Dynacom é fera ("Dynacom is beast" - also means "to be brilliant at something"[5]) (previous)
  • Sempre um novo desafio ("Always a new challenge") (previous)


  • Dynavision I (Atari 2600 clone)
  • Dynavision II, III, IV (Famiclones)
  • MegaVision (Mega Drive Clone)
  • Magic Computer PC 95 (Famiclone based on ASDER PC-95)
  • Handyvision (controller based famiclone, could play both NES & Famicom carts[1])
  • Dynavision PC Game
  • Dynavision Radical Plus
  • Dynavision Xtreme/Radical
  • Dynavision Black aka Wi Vision
  • Dynavision Cybergame

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