Dynavision Multicarts
Console NES/Famicom

Dynavision Mulitcarts are cartridges containing many NES and Famicom games that were made to mostly come with bootleg consoles for free, such as the Dynavision Xtreme, the Mebe Teck and the Virtual Station.

Upon boot up, a blue menu appears that has the sea, a green island with a single palm tree on it to the right, and a distant green and blue mountain on the left. A cloud appears at the top of the screen that says the cartridge's title is for the number of games on the multicart, for example, 101-in-1 has the title "101 Games". The highlighter icon is a blue UFO that looks left and right. The menu music varies in different cartridges, being two different songs, but both music tracks are a happy and upbeat tune.

On a page, the title is in a white box instead of a cloud, and instead of the sea and islands, there is Ivy/vines/seaweed. The menu music still plays upon entering the pages.

Multicarts made by Dynavision

Dynavision 101-in-1 (Has an upbeat tune, and contains 101 games. This is the most well known one)

Dynavision 30-in-1 (Exactly the same as the 101-in-1 Multicart, but with less games)

Dynavision 46-in-1 Multicart (Has different music from the other versions and lacks the UFO highlighter)

Dynavision 64-in-1 Multicart

Dynavision 94-in-1 Multicart (Is the same as the 101-in-1 Multicart, but with less games)

Dynavision 106-in-1 Mulitcart (Exactly the same as 101-in-1, but with extra games)


On a full 106-in-1 cartridge, there are eleven pages, each one containing ten games, except page eleven, which only has ?, due to the odd number of games:

Page 1

1: Contra

2: Gradius

3: Adventure Island

4: Solomn's Key

5: Super Key Kong

6: Skate Board Wood

7: Infant School (A rename of Urusei Yatsura: Lum's Wedding Bell)

8: Bump 'N' Jump

9: Argus

10: Seicross

Page 2

11: Space Fight of Gun

12: Fantasy of Gun

13: Abyss of Gloom

14: Aldha Mission

15: B Wang

16: 1942

17: Mag Max

18: Spartan

19: Duck

20: Twin Bee

Page 3

21: Son Son


Bomb Jack


Ninja 3

Volguard II




30: Spelunker

Page 4

31: Geimos

32: Chall Enger

33: Baltron

34: Route 16

35: Exed Exes

36: Dough Boy

37: Lot Lot

38: Skiing

39: Pony Cat

40: King of Ghost

Page 5

41: Othello

42: Super Dynamix

43: Pooyan

44: Formation Z

45: Star Force

46: Mars Man

47: Macross

48: Star Gate

49: Milk & Nuts

50: Antartic Adventure

Page 6

Coming Soon!

Page 7

Coming Soon!

Page 8

Coming Soon!

Page 9

Coming Soon!

Page 10

Coming Soon!

Page 11

Coming Soon!

Games exclusive to older versions


Tiger Heli

Castle Excellent

Tetris II


Elevator Action

Dig Dug II


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Joel from Vinesauce plays the 101-in-1 Dynavision multicart on his video where he is playing on the Mebe Teck, a bootleg console

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