This article is about Super Game version. For Shin-Shin version, see Earthworm Jim 2 (Shin-Shin).
Earthworm Jim 2
EarthwormJim2 SuperGame Title.png
Earthworm Jim 2's title screen.
Publisher Hosenkan Electronics
Developer Super Game
Cart ID(s) J-M2
Original developer Sugar Softec/Super Game
Console Famicom
Date 1997
Engine Own
Sound engine Super Game (Konami)
Alternate names/hacks The Earth Worm (named on multicarts)

Earthworm Jim 2 (蚯蚓吉姆2, Qiūyǐn Jímǔ 2) is a unlicensed port of the Mega Drive game of the same name, made by Super Game for the Famicom, sometime in 1997. It is considerably a fair pirate like Shin-Shin's game, but unlike that version, it lacks the whip.


This is a port of the Mega Drive version. There are five levels, based on Anything but Tangerines, Inflated Head, Villi People, The Flyin' King and Udderly Abducted. The Puppy Love sub-levels are also included in this port. The player has infinite ammo and can use the Snot Backpack, but the whip does not seem to be usable in this port.

The graphics and music are taken from the original game and simplified. However, there are some graphical glitches and the music is not particularly faithful, but does seem fair for its type of soundtrack. Like many other Super Game ports, this game has no ending; after the player completes the final level, the game simply resets, although like Shin-Shin's port, this game finishes at Udderly Abducted.



  • This game exists on many Super Game multicarts.
  • The sound engine of this game was recycled from Konami games, like other Super Game products.
  • Super Game's rarest game to find in a single cart.
  • There is a demo version (provided by maxzhou88) which starts at the Inflated Head level and contains a weird glitch in the Puppy Love stages. [1]


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