EduBank Corporation
에듀뱅크 법인을
Origin South Korea
Years 1998-early 2000's(?)
Consoles Famicom
First Game Yeongjaecom Cocoma
Last Game  ?
Sounds used Konami (Tiny Toon Adventures)
Games published by Elite Electronics, First Game(?)
Related companies Open(?)

EduBank Corporation (에듀뱅크 법인을) was a South Korean developer (and publisher?) that was founded by Yeong-mog Jeong.
Their two titles were released by a company named First Game that appeared around the same time and vanished in 2004. The games were also featured on an educational clone system by First Game.

Games Edit

Their library consists of two educational title for young childrens, both released in 1999.

  • Yeongjaecom Cocoma Pack 1 (영재컴 꼬꼬마 Pack 1)
  • Yeongjaecom Cocoma Pack 2 (영재컴 꼬꼬마 Pack 2)

Unconfirmed Edit

  • Beat N Box (2000) - Possibly unrelated to EduBank or First Game but has many similarities with the two previous titles. It was likely made by one of the developer involved with the Cocoma games.

Staff Edit

The new snippet shown below credits the groups involved in the development of the two Cocoma Packs. They are as follow:

  • Hardware: Elite Electronics (CEO Na Hoseon)
  • Scernario (Game Design?): Keimyung College University, directed by Lee Hyeonsu
  • Program: Kyungnam University, directed by Jeong Namsu.

Trivia Edit

  • Their games reuse the Tiny Toon Adventures sound engine, just like Open Corp.. There is a chance they got ahold of it via a previous Open employee.
  • The PCBs of Yeongjaecom Cocoma have the text string KungNam UNIV.. This is possibly referring to Kyungnam university which has an engineering department.

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