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Emu32 is a PlayStation emulator built into a limited number of VCD/DVD players, developed by EmuSoft Company Limited (unrelated to a similarly-named developer of the FPse emulator).

Players equipped with Emu32 emulator, mostly based on hardware platform/system-on-a-chip built by Yoxi Systems, can play PlayStation games (using original discs or unofficial copies), in addition to standard VCD/DVD player functions. However, its emulation is known to be flaky; many games reportedly crash with a "GAME ERROR" message, while others that could run did so with very poor performance, although performance is reportedly better on NTSC (Japan or North America) games compared to PAL counterparts. Discs could also occasionally fail to read with a "BAD DISC" message. Additionally, Emu32-enabled consoles are shipped with their own nine-pin controller also commonly found on NES-enabled players; while these controllers have enough buttons to play PlayStation games to the point of being shaped like the DualShock controller, actual PlayStation controllers cannot be used. The system does support saving of games by the way of built-in virtual memory cards, but data cannot be copied between cards or deleted without a game supporting memory card management as the PlayStation system menu is inaccessible.

The earliest known player with the software is Haier DVD-H2189, reportedly advertised in a magazine in 2000.[1] Because this was also during the Bleem/Connectix lawsuits, it is unknown if Sony did take action against manufacturers shipping Emu32-equipped VCD/DVD players.

Startup Notice[]

When starting a PlayStation game on Emu32-equipped player, the following disclaimer appears. This notice is also translated to Chinese for players intended to be sold in Chinese-speaking regions.

EmuSoft and its Emu32 are not affiliated with, or authorized, endorsed, or licensed in any way by Sony Corporation, its affiliates, subsidiaries, or its PlayStation game licensees.

Emu32 does not include any PlayStation games. PlayStation games are sold seperately by Sony authorized PlayStation game software resellers.

Emu32 is only compatible with a limited number of PlayStation games. These compatible games may still exhibit some defects, including, but not limited to, audio and video artifacts, screen flickers, slow response, etc, which my affect how the games play.

Emu32 and EmuSoft logo are trademarks of EmuSoft Company, Limited.

PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. "Sony" is a registered trademark for [sic] the Sony Corporation.

The above statement are subjected [sic] to change by EmuSoft without notice.

Known players[]

The following are known player models with Emu32 built-in: