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Enjoyable Horse Racing, titled 1991 賭馬 Racing in-game, is a horse racing simulator developed by Idea-Tek and released for the Famicom under the Super Mega brand.


Two modes are available, "Gamble mode" or "Race mode". In the first, up to 6 players get to bet money on possible race results. The game then proceeds with the race simulation. A commenter gives lives commentary and the current results are shown intermittently. The second mode is more involving, the player gets to race against one opponent. A gauge on the bottom of the screen moves back and forth. The player should press 'a' every time the cursor is in the middle. Every correctly timed press will increment a bar. When it's full, the player's horse will accelerate slightly for a while.


  • The game is mainly in Chinese, but most of the important elements do feature an English translation.
  • Some music was reused from Sheng Huo Lie Zhuan, but in this game the music is faster than the original.