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Evil Stone
Title screen.
Publisher Spacy Industria
Developer Spacy Industrial
Cart ID(s) C67
Console Arcade
Date 1990

Evil Stone is a beat 'em up game made for Arcade machines, developed by Spacy Industrial and released in 1990.


Evil Stone's story follow about the gods of Hell making chaos in Earth. A character summoned by the Gods of Heaven (the player) must need to stop them by fighting with some kung-fu moves.


Despite being a original game in its own, the game runs on Taito L System, a 8-bit arcade board made by Taito. And Evil Stone was made without the authorization and Taito, becoming the only unlicensed game in the entire hardware.

Little is known about this game and the company: The game has option of being either in English and Japanese, but Spacy Industrial was localized in Taiwan. So, its strange of the game does not having Chinese characters in (aside from kanji).