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FC 16 go at play

Playing Super Mario World on the FC 16 Go

FC 16 Go Box

The box of FC 16 Go

The FC 16 Go, an handheld console distributed in the US by Yobo Gameware Co., is a portable 16-bit Super Nintendo clone. It uses a 3.5" TFT-LCD Screen and features a Nintendo DS style design. It has a D-pad not dissimilar from the original SNES, however Version 2 and 2.1 fix this. The FC 16 Go comes with 2 wireless controllers, earphones, AV Cables, AC Adapter and a Lithium-ion battery. Normally the FC 16 Go cannot play PAL SNES games or Japanese Super Famicom games, but if the rear of the case is disassembled the clips that stop a Japanese cartridges from entering can be cut off and it will play all games. The original FC 16 Go only outputs as Mono, although the version 2 and 2.1 output 2 channels.

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