FC 3 Plus
FC3 plus with controllers and lightgun.
Manufacturer Qi Sheng Long
Distributor(s) Yobo Gameware (USA)
System NES, Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES, "G-Factor" (OneBus VT03)

The FC 3 Plus is a 3-in-1 NES/SNES/Mega Drive clone console manufactured by Qi Sheng Long[1] and distributed in the US by Yobo Gameware Co., and the first such clone to have been released.[2] It is also compatible with "G-Factor" cartridges, but only one of these is known to have been released, alongside the "Factor 5" Famiclone (also by Qi Sheng Long/Yobo) - it contains 5 games by Nice Code Software, Moto Race, Aether Mission, Assault Force, Hot Gun, and Bomb Kid.[3]

The FC 3 Plus's compatibility is generally considered to be an improvement over previous multi-system clones such as the GN Twin and FC Twin, and it can play games such as Paperboy 2 and Super Mario RPG which proved problematic for older systems. It is also compatible with the Super Game Boy and Super FX games which often do not work with clones. However, unlike the RetroN 3, the controller inputs are proprietary, so the user is limited to the two six-button controllers and NES-only lightgun supplied with the system.

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