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The FC Compact (also known as the CoolBaby RS-35 and CoolBaby RS-36) is an unlicensed Famiclone that was released in 2016 under the CoolBaby brand name.

Hardware and design[]

The FC Compact uses an almost similar design to the Famicom, making it almost as an exact replica to the original. The casing is similar to one of Subor's famiclones.

The controllers includes an additional of 2 buttons (totaling the action buttons to 4), which is used as a turbo button.

Unlike the original Famicom or the NES-101 model, it only includes composite video output instead of RF output.


One of the infamously known shortcomings of the FC Compact is that it has audio problems in some games. This is because it has some issues with the triangle channel on the audio portion of the NOAC.

Another notable shortcoming is that the buttons on the controller is misaligned to the design itself.

A notable misleading claim is that the FC Compact includes 88 games built-in, instead, it has 100 games built on the system itself.

Like most NOAC-based Famiclones, the FC Compact tends to have graphical issues as well.

CoolBaby RS-36[]

The RS-36 is a slimmed down equivalent to the RS-35, it is a bootleg version of Family Computer Mini. It is almost identical, except it has built-in 400 games instead of 30 games built-in.

Unlike the RS-35, the controllers are nearly identical, except the "Player 2" controller doesn't have a microphone and the controllers are smaller.


Like most multicarts and today's Famiclones, the FC Compact also includes games from Nice Code Software. Aside from that, it also include some ROM hacks/variations and homebrew games (such as Nibbles and Bombsweeper).