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The 500IN1,FC Console, or Retro FC are a series of handheld Famiclones somewhat built off of the SupGameBox, designed to look like a Nintendo Game Boy. They claim to have 500 games built into them, but the system actually has around 290-300 games. They cost $4 from the supplier themselves, with Amazon listings having some sort of markup. Other manufacturers on Alibaba make similar consoles. They are most likely developed by TouchGamePlayer.


The system is designed to look like a Nintendo Game Boy, but has X and Y buttons, as well as a Reset button to access the menu. On the Bestop model, the X and A buttons are actually turbo buttons, with A controlling Turbo A, and X controlling Turbo B. The Y button is mapped to B and the B button is mapped to A. There are no options to change the button map. The system has an NES-on-a-chip and a Samsung 816 semiconductor. The display is 2.4 inches. Instead of batteries, the system operates off of a BL-5C camera battery, and uses a MicroUSB B charger. The controller also plugs in the port as well.


The PCB of the FC Console.

The system is also capable of projecting to a TV, through a 3.5mm port.


The system has 290 games installed. You cannot add anymore, as it runs on a NOAC with a multicart ROM. The game count is almost identical to the Game Box.


The language select screen of the FC Console Famiclones.