Title screen of a 200-in-1 variant.

Family Sport refers to a series of 16-bit, Sunplus-based plug & plays and handheld systems. They were first released around 2008, in a form factor similar to the Nintendo Wii; they became more widespread in the mid-2010s, now in the form of various portable devices. They are credited as being produced by "Senga", which is seemingly an alias of Jungletac.

Games[edit | edit source]

Sport games[edit | edit source]

Note that several other sports games were also produced, but in the menus they appear mixed in with the "other" games listed below.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Boxing
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

Other games[edit | edit source]

Due to the very basic (and in some cases, very confusing) nature of the majority of these games, only the more notable titles are listed here.

  • Airborne Alien - The player falls out of a UFO, and must reach the castle at the bottom of the screen. Level 2 features giant brick formations of Mario and a Goomba, based on their SMB1 sprites.
  • Balloon Archer - Clone of Bloons.
  • Balloon Boy - Seemingly based on Bird Knight from the Sport Vii, which in itself is based on Nintendo's Balloon Kid/Hello Kitty World. One of the enemies is the protagonist of Nice Code's Bug Catcher.
  • Beach Volleyball - Volleyball game featuring animals. Unlike the aforementioned sport games, it uses a side perspective.
  • Bomb Chain Unlimited - Clone of the Flash game of the same name.
  • Bubble Destroyer - Clone of Pang!.
  • Build Road - Clone of Gussun Oyoyo.
  • Castle Smasher - Similar to Angry Birds, but not a direct clone.
  • Eat Bean - Based on Pac-Man (and its name is a poor translation of Pac-Man from Chinese to English), but not a direct clone.
  • Frogger - Clone of the Konami arcade game of the same name. This may actually be a licensed port, as Jungletac has released licensed Frogger plug & plays in the past, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Gold Miner - Clone of the Flash game of the same name, with very similar graphics.
  • Greedy Girl - A Snake game.
  • Hare Fighter - A simplified take on Bubble Bobble. The main character is a recolored version of Don from Don't Pull (from the arcade multigame Three Wonders), and one of the enemies is Waddle Doo from the Kirby series.
  • Hell Marksman - Clone of Twin Shot.
  • Icecream - Clone of Tapper.
  • Jumping Ball - Blocks are rapidly falling from the top of the screen. The player must get as high as possible without being crushed by the blocks.
  • Jumping Boy - Basic platformer featuring the same protagonist as Balloon Boy. Level 2 uses graphics of Lakitu's cloud from New Super Mario Bros.
  • Jumping Eggs - Clone of The Amazing Dare-Dozen.
  • Jumping Mary - Clone of Q*bert. One of the enemies appears to be a modified New Super Mario Bros. mushroom.
  • Mi Fiit, Mi Guitar, Mi Papacon - All the same Guitar Hero clone, with slightly altered title screens. Inexplicably, they all exclusively appear on one 85-in-1 console, despite being completely identical.
  • Mine - Clone of Minesweeper.
  • Open Gold Box - An entirely luck-based game where the player opens treasure chests, trying to earn as much money as possible. All four players are different colored Pebbles from The Flintstones.
  • Panda Labyrinth - Similar to Soukoban, but not a direct clone.
  • Pass Maze Road - Guide the bubble through the maze while avoiding falling into holes.
  • Pinball - A pinball game with an isometric perspective.
  • Puzzle Ball - The player must build a ramp out of a selection of pieces in order to make the ball land in the hole.
  • Rescue Pets - Clone of the Game & Watch game Fire. The "pets" are various characters from the Hamtaro franchise (Bijou, Boss, Cappy, Dexter, Maxwell, Penelope, and Sandy/Stan). It is unrelated to the official Hamtaro version of Fire included in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games.
  • Seize Jewelry - Clone of Donkey Kong. The playable character appears to be a modified version of Link from the Zelda series (which is most evident by his shield).
  • Star War - An action game (completely unrelated to Star Wars) where a flying robot must attack various objects in space.
  • Numerous basic educational programs. They are almost all identical to each other in "gameplay", and are seemingly included solely to inflate the game count. They likely originated from a separate, solely educational plug & play series, and were then merged with the Family Sport series later on.

Consoles[edit | edit source]

  • 41-in-1 (Zone 32-bit Gaming Console System)
  • 85-in-1 (Eittek Miwi Game Console, My Wico Deluxe)
  • 100-in-1 (OPlayer)
  • 105-in-1 (Arcada Mega Drive Portable)
  • 120-in-1 (I'm Game! Handheld Player)
  • 200-in-1 (Denver GMP-270CMK2, Hyper Gamer 3.0)
  • 202-in-1 (Millennium Arcade)
  • 220-in-1 (My Arcade Go Gamer Portable, Gamer X Portable, Gamer Max)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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