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Fangkuai Zongdongyuan (方塊總動員) is a multicart developed by Waixing in 1996 containing two games, Mali Yisheng II (瑪莉醫生II) and Shenqi Ba Bao (神奇八寶). The use of -總動員 (general mobilization of-) in a title was widely popularised by Pixar, who used it for most of the Chinese titles of their films beginning with Toy Story. [1] The pause screen shows a production date of 1996, which seems plausible as Toy Story was released in late 1995 (Toy Story opened in China on March 28, 1996)



  • Despite being developed in China, the text on the cartridge is in Traditional Chinese instead of Simplified Chinese.
  • Through DIP switches, there's two other variations within the ROM: An English version of Magical Eight Treasures known as Magic Sprite and a multicart menu known as Doctor Mary 9-in-1 which lists Dr. Mario II and all the Magic Eight Treasures games. These variants have not been seen as a cartridge however.
  • A variation of Magical Eight Treasures called Magic Sprite exists within the ROM. However, this variant has yet to be seen on the cartridge.
  • The fonts used for much of the on-screen English text ("Doctor Mary II", "Game Select", "Have a Rest", and the unused "Magic Sprite" title) are from PCPaint.
  • There's an unused ninth game in "Magical Eight Treasures", select the middle-bottom game and press up to access it.