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Fantastic an arcade game from the early 80s, and is a bootleg version of Galaga. It was developed by Taito of Brazil, and runs on a modified version of the hardware for Moon Cresta (itself an altered version of a Namco Galaxian board).


You play as a space fighter who needs to shoot a hoard of aliens that emerge from the side of the screen. Once they get in formation, they’ll start swooping down and shooting at you. Occasionally, one of the aliens may beam down a tractor beam. If you make contact with it, your ship will be captured. If you shoot the alien when it comes down with your ship, you’ll get dual fighters. Each 3 or 4 stages, Is a challenging stage where you must shoot 40 aliens to rack up as many points as possible. If you get all 40, you’ll get bonus points. Most enemies in Fantastic look the same as they do in Galaga besides the bee enemies whose color palette is corrupted. The music also sounds different from Galaga, due to the different sound chip. The results screen music is also gone.



  • If you shoot a Boss Galaga, it only changes color when it's static.
  • There’s an unconfirmed sequel to Fantastic, called Super Fantastic, which is a port of Gaplus to the same hardware as Fantastic.