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Felix the Cat (Кот Феликс) is an unauthorized port of the NES game of the same name. It was created in Russia. The developer is not credited anywhere in the game, but it's assumed it was developed by BMB, and it is known that it was published by KDS (Kudos).


The plot of Felix the Cat is explained on exactly one screen before the game starts: just like in the NES original, Kitty has been kidnapped by the Professor for a ransom, that ransom being Felix's magic bag. Having no other choice, Felix goes on an adventure to rescue his girlfriend.

Similarly to all of BMB's NES-to-MD ports, Felix the Cat features the most basic set of mechanics, enough to resemble Hudson Soft's version. Likewise, this game has no bosses at all, contains only a handful of levels from the original (in this case, 12) and includes the same playlist with songs of different genres and origins, all played at random.



Code Screen

Code screen.

  • The level selection screen can be accessed by pausing the game, pressing the C, Up, Down and Right buttons at least 25 times each. A similar cheat code reportedly works on both Chip 'n Dale ports, as well as Darkwing Duck, but it's worth mentioning that the screen itself is exactly the same all throughout and that it says the following: "Code Screen. If you're reading this, then you're either a cheater or the greatest ever developer of this game. Now choose your round, mortal!!!", followed by the word "level" and what appears to be the current version of the game.
  • The continue and the game over themes, as well as sound effects, come from the Mega Drive/Genesis port of Uwol: The Quest for Money. It should be noted that all the sound in both Uwol and Felix the Cat is handled by Shiru's TFM Music Maker, and because the developers of Felix seemingly didn't want to bother with doing original music, this is also the reason to the ingame music playlist's incoherence.
  • The Game Over screen is a T-shirt design by Dozign titled "Felix the Cat Unmasked".[1]