Felix the Cat (Sega Mega Drive)
Felix the Cat (Mega Drive) Title Screen
Publisher Kudos
Developer Unknown (Kudos?)
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 2012

Felix the Cat is a Sega Mega Drive port of the Nintendo Entertainment System game of the same name. The game was developed by an unknown Russian company, presumably Russian game distributor Kudos, and is suspected to be the same people who made Mario 4: Space Odyssey due to similar content, controls, and music. Felix the Cat isn't the exact port of the NES game, as it still offers a few changes. The controls are much like Mario 4: Space Odyssey along with the sound effects, and it has randomly generated music after you die or go into the next level, though the music is not the exact same between both games. The story is the same as the licensed NES version, The Professor kidnaps Felix's girlfriend, and he also wants Felix's magic bag. If the player fails to do this, they can either continue or receive a disturbing image of Felix tearing off his face standing in a pool of blood. The end screen is Felix getting a kiss from his girlfriend, Kitty. The game only consists of 12 levels, and has no bosses.


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The original print.


The Game Over screen

Code Screen

Code Screen.

  • The game, like Mario 4: Space Odyssey has a Game Over screen taken from an artwork made by artist Kris Balerite, known as Felix the Cat Unmasked, but remade to fit the Mega Drive.
  • The text on the Game Over screen literally translates as "The game is over."
  • The continue music is the title screen from the Genesis port of Uwol: The Quest for Money, albeit sped up. The same is said for the Game Over music.
  • There is a cheat code that let's you choose a level, follow these steps to do this: "1. Pause game. 2. Press C button 25 times. 3. Press Up button 25 times. 4. Press Down button 25 times. 5. Press Right button 25 times." (It's okay if you do mistakes, press wrong button, or press button more than 25 times, at least you need to pause game and press it 25 times, but the most important thing is NOT TO BROKE SEQUENCE.) After this you will see a black screen with text "Экран кодов: Если это вы читаете вы либо читер, либо великий разработчик этой игры. Ну что выбирай раунд смертный!!! (Translate: Code Screen: If you're reading this you're either a cheater or a great developer of this game. Well choose the round, a mortal!!!)", and you can choose level from 1 to 12 with Up and Down buttons.
  • The game over screen is so popular in memes, many parodies have been made over these past months, including but not limited to, A German bootleg of The Simpsons, a French bootleg of the Nutshack, a Hungarian bootleg of Spongebob, a Russian bootleg of Undertale, a Swedish bootleg of Leafyishere, a Latin bootleg of Inspector Gadget, a Polish Bootleg of Steven Universe, a Norwegian bootleg of LEGO Ninjago,a Azerbaijan bootleg of The Loud House,a Japanese bootleg of BeetleJuice, a Korean bootleg of Doraemon, a Slovakian bootleg of Metroid, a GBA bootleg of Sword Art Online, A unfinished Dutch bootleg of Sonic X, a Dominican bootleg of Jimmy Neutron, a Russian bootleg of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a fanmade bootleg of the Columbine High School Massacre.
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