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Feng Yin Dao (东方的传说之-封印岛) is a backport of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening made for the Famicom that was developed by Nice Code Software and published by Shenzhen Nanjing Technology Co., Ltd.


The game plays like The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, except for the fact that the enemies take a heart away from you everytime they hit you, and you stand completely still whenever you use the sword.

There are in total 10 items in the game, but none of them are actually "usable", they only serve as triggers to unlock the 7 dungeons and progress the game.

Dungeons have to be beaten in set order, and have no puzzle whatsoever inside them, they act more like mazes filled with enemies. Six of the seven dungeons have a boss at the end of the labyrinth, which once defeated gives the player an aditional heart. The first two bosses also give the player new sword skills.

It is possible to save your progress at any time to any of the three available files.


Although it may resemble The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening in aesthetics, its plot has little to no relation with the original game.

The main character is named Zelda, he is the Prince of the Eastern Kingdom of Sador, where "evil ministers" and corruption forces him to leave the land. While on his raft, a storm hits the ship and makes him beach on the Ranagar Island, remaining unconscious for 3 days until he wakes up in the house of a girl named Kalu, who tells Zelda to visit Old Man. Old Man tells Zelda that their island is cursed, and he believes that Zelda is the savior entrusted to open the six seals and break the curse.

Zelda goes back and forth the dungeons and the Ranagar Town, helping Old Man and the other two villagers (a blacksmith and an alchemist) to recover or make the items that would allow Zelda to continue to the next dungeon. After the sixth dungeon is completed and Zelda returns to Ranagar Town again, he is told that Kalu has been kidnaped by a demon who resides on the seventh dungeon. When solved the maze and reached the final boss, Zelda is deadly attacked by the demon, but then the Goddess of the Island is revealed to be hiding inside Kula's body, recovering Zelda and giving him the final skill to defeat the demon.

Once defeated, an ending sequence reads that the Ranagar curse was broken, that Zelda embarked himself on his way back home, and that sadly Kula was lost forever.

As seen, the only common point with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening's plot is the storm and the fact that story occurs on the island where the main character arrives.


As commonly seen on bootleg games, coding is very poorly done, so game tends to behave oddly on these known situations:

  • Everytime the player enters a screen with 4 enemies that uses 2 tiles for their sprites (like "mummies"), if the player walks 3 to 6 tiles, the game undoubtedly crashes. To avoid this, player must kill at least one the enemies before moving the 3 tiles range.
  • When the player enters a screen with 5 or more enemies (single tile sprite, like snakes), game will mostly crash. To avoid this, player must kill 1 or 2 enemies, so that no more than 4 single tile enemies appears on the screen at the same time.
  • Game may crash randomly at any point, though the probability increases with the number of moving sprites on screen.
  • Inside the first dungeon, everytime the pause menu is opened the dungeon resets and player is send to the first room. This happens no matter what is done or not inside the menu.
  • Once the boss room is on the first dungeon is reached, when the player enters different effects may happen, at seemingly random chances:
    • The boss fight occurs as intended. After the boss is defeated, the item and the heart are given normally.
    • The dungeon resets itself at a normal state, forcing the player to solve the maze again. This would be the worst case scenario, because the player must go into the boss room again and it would make another (or the same) random effect to occur.
    • The dungeon may reset on a glitched state. On this state, one of the enemies on every screen inside the dungeon takes the boss behavior, jumping outside of the enemy's normal pattern and hurting the player, and all other enemies will remain frozen on the screen, but with no collision at all, so they can't hurt the player or be killed. This happens on every room. On this state when the player reaches the boss room, the fight will proceed as intended.
    • The dungeon will reset, sengind the player to the first room, but this time a message will congrats the player for acquiring the dungeon item and an aditional heart will be given, just as the boss were defeated. This actually counts as if the dungeon was completed normally, basically just skipping a boss fight.
  • Whenever a player stands next to a warp point and is hit by an enemy, the knockback will force Zelda to enter the warp. Once Zelda exits the warp on the intended zone, the game will warp the player again inside Deadwood Forest, the area before the third dungeon.