Final Fantasy X: Fantasy War
Title screen.
Publisher SKOB, Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co
Console Game Boy Color
Date After 2001
Sound engine Takara (King of Fighters '95)
Alternate names/hacks Space Fighter X
Final Fantasy X: Fantasy War (太空戰士X) is an unlicensed game for the Game Boy Color, loosely based on the Final Fantasy series of RPGs. It was published in Taiwan by SKOB and in mainland China by Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co, although its developer and release year are unknown.

Gameplay Edit

The game is a side-scrolling fighter with four playable characters: a warrior with a sword, a chocobo, a black mage, and an archer. The B button is used to attack, with the former two having attack combos and the latter two using short-ranged projectiles. The A button is used to jump. The player can also run by tapping Left or Right twice.

Each character has a "desperation" attack performed by pressing B and A together, at the cost of a little health. There are also two special attacks per character; they are performed by entering Down, Down+Forward, Forward+B (a Hadoken motion) and Up, Down, Up+B. Both special attacks consume some of the red "magic" meter.

There are no items or collectible weapons; however, the player will "level up" after doing enough damage. This increases the player's strength, and it also restores their health and magic meters like a traditional Final Fantasy game.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The sound effects and music are taken from The King of Fighters '95. In addition, most of the music is inexplicably sped up during gameplay.
  • The title screen has Firion from Final Fantasy II in it.
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