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Final Fantasy X: Fantasy War
Title screen.
Publisher SKOB, Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co
Console Game Boy Color
Date After 2001
Sound engine Takara (The King of Fighters '95)
Alternate names/hacks Space Fighter X

Final Fantasy X: Fantasy War (太空戰士X) is an unlicensed game for the Game Boy Color, loosely based on the Final Fantasy] series of RPGs. It was published in Taiwan by SKOB and in mainland China by Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co, although its developer and release year are unknown.


The game is a side-scrolling fighter with four playable characters: a warrior with a sword, a chocobo, a black mage, and an archer. The B button is used to attack, with the former two having attack combos and the latter two using short-ranged projectiles. The A button is used to jump. The player can also run by tapping Left or Right twice.

Each character has a "desperation" attack performed by pressing B and A together, at the cost of a little health. There are also two special attacks per character; they are performed by entering Down, Down+Forward, Forward+B (a Hadoken motion) and Up, Down, Up+B. Both special attacks consume some of the red "magic" meter.

There are no items or collectible weapons; however, the player will "level up" after doing enough damage. This increases the player's strength, and it also restores their health and magic meters like a traditional Final Fantasy game.


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  • The sound effects and music are taken from The King of Fighters '95. In addition, most of the music is inexplicably sped up during gameplay.
  • The title screen has Firion from Final Fantasy II in it.