They are pirated FINAL FANTASY games for the Famicom known as "Zui Zhong Huan Xiang x series".

They are demakes of FINAL FANTASY IV, split into three games and with tons of differences between the SNES original and this pirate.

All three games are chapters. X1 is called Dark Chapter because you are a dark knight, X2 is called Light Chapter because you are a paladin and X3 is called Final Chapter just because you are near the end of the game.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is based on FINAL FANTASY II, but a few glitches can be found is this "Beta turn based FF2 combat".

Trivia and Comparison between the original Edit

  • Squall appears in both X1 and X3 in the title.
  • Sephiroth appears in X2 in the title.
  • Rydia is different.
  • Kain's Face is different.
  • Paladin Cecil is different.
  • Most of the characters in a battle are different.
  • Porom is the only Right handed.
  • Cecil uses a normal sword, not a dark sword.
  • Too many bugs.
  • The difficulty is significantly reduced.
  • Some of the graphics were ripped from FINAL FANTASY III.
  • Glitchy music.
  • Bad ending.
  • Really awful choice of colors.
  • By Henggedianzi.
  • "Theme of Love" is the overworld theme.
  • They used Baron theme as indoors theme.
  • Wrong poses at the wrong time.
  • Dark wave is magic.
  • There's tons of hacks of this of series called Yuan Shuan.
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