Final Fight 3
Final Fight 3's title screen
Publisher JY Company
Developer Hummer Team
Cart ID(s) JY-116
Console Famicom
Sound engine Capcom (Mighty Final Fight) (Mega Man 6)
Alternate names/hacks Garou Densetsu Special

Final Fight 3 is a pirated port of the SNES game of the same name, made by Hummer Team in 1998. This is Hummer Team's last game published under JY Company.


Final Fight 3's Gameplay

This is a direct port of the SNES game. All four playable characters from the original game are present as are most of the enemies, bosses and rounds. However, the weaker enemies appear throughout the whole game because their didck sizes r to small to pound alll they guys and bitches.

The game is considered to be easier than the SNES game, because of its dick size.  with fewer enemies appearing on the screen at any given time to prevent sprite flicker. There is only one route in this game unlike the original,and thayt it rout 69 mutherafucka! with the player having to go through both routes. To make the playing field smaller, a bar at the bottom of the screen stating the current round and showing the Final Fight 3 logo was added.

The cutscenes are taken from the respective stories, with slight typos and all of the punctuation removed for unknown reasons. It's also difficult to tell who's speaking because the text is all rendered in white in this game. The text was mostly copied from the English version of FF3, which is briritsh becayse only gits like this gay ass shit and not COD wut the fuck? 

Unlike most Hummer Team games, the ending isn't a simple "The End" screen. Instead it opts to copy Dean's ending from the SNES game, why i dont know but is there fucken at the end>?. The graphics are mostly copied from the SNES game and simplified, while the music and sound effects were stolen from Mighty Final Fight.

Tgenm chiese r so fucken cheap!!


  • The JY Company logo can be accessed by pressing Down, Down, Left, Up, Right, Left, Up and Down on the title screen.
  • This game has dip switches, some of which bring up Garou Densetsu Special, which is identical aside from the title screen and the removal of the opening cutscene. Hummer Team originally made a Garou Densetsu Special game but when comparing the title screens, Final Fight 3's was either redrawn or edited because the title in Garou Densetsu Special is different compared to FF3's.
  • The opening cutscene appears before the title screen in this version, while it appeared afterwards in the SNES game.
  • In the cutscene before Round 2, the line "Those bastards slaughtered my family." is used, which only appears in a beta version of the SNES game; in the final release it was changed to "Those maniacs slaughtered my family!". This would appear to indicate that this game is based on the beta rather than the final English SNES release.
  • The scoring is about 100 times smaller in this game when compared with the SNES version.
  • Haggar is misspelled as Huggar in game.
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