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Final Tetris is an arcade game that is an unauthorized adaptation of the well known puzzle game, Tetris, developed by Cheil Computer System and manufactured by Mijjin Computer


The game itself plays very similarly to Tetris Battle Gaiden and Bloxxed. The game has you trying to defeat your opponent, either by lowering their health down or by making their board overflow. Just like normal Tetris, you clear lines on your board. Which lowers your enemy's health. If you or your opponent gets 2 or more lines, their character will throw the cleared row at the other character making them lose health. It also creates garbage blocks and destroys their current block piece.


The game features various characters you can play as, which are all based off popular celebrities of the time like Michael Jackson.

  • Schultz
  • Ha Neul
  • Jindog (Based on Bingo from the movie of the same name)
  • Hella
  • Bergsong
  • Edward
  • Chichen
  • Marco
  • Mike (Based Michael Jackson)
  • Saharnov


Occasionally, a block will contain a powerup similar to Bloxxed. They can do a variety of different things such as remove lines and hide your opponent's next block.

  • 2 Clear: Clears 2 rows of blocks
  • 3 Clear: Clears 3 rows of blocks
  • 4 Clear: Clears 4 rows of blocks (Originally from Bloxxed)
  • All Clear: Clears all blocks on screen
  • E Block: Removes a bit of your opponents health
  • Weight: Clears a 3 columns of the board
  • Switch: Switches both you and your opponents board (Originally from Tetris Battle Gaiden)
  • Hide: Hides opponent's next block
  • Paintbrush: Sends a paintbrush which either clears of adds blocks
  • Chicken: Allows you to control a chicken that lays eggs that turn into blocks which can be used to clear lines (Originally from Bloxxed)
  • Ship: Allows you to control a ship to remove all blocks on your side (Originally from Bloxxed)


  • This game is known to of been Cheil Computer System's first game. Later known as First Amusement before then becoming Semicom