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This article is about the Famicom game. For the Game Boy game of the same name, see Fire Dragon (Game Boy).

Fire Dragon is an unlicensed Snake clone for the Famicom developed by Gamtec and released in the early 90s by BIC and likely Gamtec or a related company in other countries.


A number of hacks of the Famicom version exist:

  • Dragon Fire, by JungleTac; appears on a number of their consoles.
  • Dragon, made in 2000 likely by Inventor.
    • Angling, a hack of Dragon by an unknown developer. Replaces the dragon's head with a bird's. Known to be included on the Subor Q6.
    • Shunting, features a train. Appeared on Power Joy consoles by Trump Grand, copyrighted to Power Joy Ltd.