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Flashcarts are cartridges that has an SD card slot for adding your own games. They are usually unlicensed.


Flashcarts have been released for the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Nintendo 64, Game Boy/Game Boy Color, Nintendo 3DS, and (most commonly) the Nintendo DS.

List of Flashcarts

Here's a list of (almost) all of the flashcarts ever released (as of September 2014):


  • PowerPak
  • EverDrive N8


  • SNES PowerPak
  • Super EverDrive

Sega Genesis:

  • EverDrive - MD
  • Mega EverDrive

Sega Master System:

  • Master EverDrive

Sega Game Gear:

  • EverDrive - GG

TurboGrafix-16/PC Engine:

  • Turbo EverDrive

Nintendo 64:

  • EverDrive 64

Game Boy/Game Boy Color:

  • EverDrive - GB
  • GB Smart Card

Game Boy Advance:

  • Smart Card
  • EZ Flash IV
  • MV Perfect SD

Nintendo DS:

  • R4 - Revolution for DS 
  • DSTwo
  • EZ Flash V
  • Acekard (2)
  • DS-Xtreme
  • R4 3DS 
  • CycloDS Evolution
  • Games n' Music 

Nintendo 3DS:

  • Gateaway