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The Slot Machine (also referred by its Danish name of Spillemaskine, which means "gaming machine") is a Famiclone-based console in the form factor of a miniature arcade cabinet, sold in Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores throughout Europe. It retails for €15.

Despite its misleading English name (which appears to be a faulty mistranslation, as the Danish word for "slot machine" is not spillemaskine but instead spilleautomat), its design is not based around gambling machines, but rather on arcade cabinets, as implied by both the general shape and the Pac-Man-esque marquees.

Like all Flying Tiger products, its name is actually a generic, self-descriptive name (written on the box in both Danish and English), rather than a distinctive brand name.



  • 2.2" backlit screen, 5:4 aspect ratio

Game controls (single player)[]

  • Arcade-style joystick (left)
  • A/B buttons (right)
  • Start button (top right)

Other controls[]

  • Power switch (under the screen)
  • Sound Button (top center)—The sound has three volume settings: Low, Medium, High. The fourth (unlisted) option is Mute. On startup, it defaults to Medium. Each press cycles up the list.
  • Reset button (top left)


  • 3 AAA batteries


The Slot Machine features, as stated on the box, 118 games stored internally. There are no additional cartridge inputs.

On startup, the game selection takes form of a 118-in-1 multicart-style menu: nearly all of them are Nice Code games or Inventor hacks, with a few of the remaining ones being either other unlicensed NES/Famicom games or official Famicom games (mostly from Jaleco and Konami), generally somewhat altered and/or with copyrights removed.

Menu entry In-game title Developer Notes
1 POBBLE Pobble Nice Code
2 SMALL DINOSAUR Small Dinosaur Nice Code
3 THE FARMER The Farmer Nice Code
4 ABSCONDEE Abscondee Nice Code
5 AETHER CRUISER Aether Cruiser Nice Code
6 AIM CRUISE Aim Cruise Nice Code
7 WARPMAN Warpman Namco
8 STUB GAME Stub Game Nice Code
9 ARGUS Argus Jaleco
10 STAR Star Nice Code
11 SEA WAR Sea War Nice Code
12 TANK A1990 Tank A 1990 Namco/YS Battle City hack
13 GALLAGANT Gallagant Nice Code
14 FORMATION Z Formation Z Jaleco, Hect Copyright text removed.
15 EXERION Exerion Jaleco Copyright text removed.
16 FATED PIRATE Fated Pirate Nice Code
17 ROAD WORKER Road Worker Nice Code
18 UFO RACE UFO Race Nintendo/HAL Laboratory/Inventor F1 Race hack
19 GOODHAND Goodhand Jaleco/Inventor City Connection hack
20 PEEK A BOO POKER Peek-A-Boo Poker Hacker International Panesian version. Copyright text removed.
21 ANIMAL CONTEST Animal Contest Nice Code
22 BALLOON SHOOT Balloon Shoot Nice Code
23 DADA Dada Nintendo/Inventor Popeye hack
24 POLAR BAT Polar Bat Nice Code
25 BUSY BAR Busy Bar Nice Code
26 CANDY WORKSHOP Candy Workshop Nice Code
27 CHESS Chess Nice Code
28 CLIMBING Climbing Nice Code
29 CONTEST Contest Nice Code
30 COOKIES LABYRINTH Cookies Labyrinth Nice Code
31 CRYSTAL BLAST Crystal Blast Nice Code
32 DEJECTILE Dejectile Nice Code
33 DOUGH BOY Dough Boy Kemco, Synsoft Unmodified version, vith copyright text et al.
34 FAIRY S TREASURE Fairy's Treasure Nice Code
35 FLING BALL Fling Ball Nice Code
36 GHOST CASTLE Ghost Castle Nice Code
37 HAMMER AND NAIL Hammer and Nail Nice Code
38 HAPPY MATCH Happy Match Nice Code
39 HASSLE Hassle Nice Code
40 ICE OCEAN Ice Ocean Nice Code
41 DEFLOWER Deflower Hudson/Broderbund/Inventor Lode Runner hack
42 LADANGEL Ladangel Hudson/Inventor Challenger hack
43 LATTICE WINNER Lattice Winner Nice Code
44 CUTE FISH Cute Fish Nice Code
45 LUCKY BALL Lucky Ball Nintendo/HAL Laboratory/Inventor Extensive Pinball hack
46 MAGIC EGG Magic Egg Nice Code
47 MAGMAX MagMax Nichibutsu Copyright text removed.
48 MECCANO Meccano Nice Code
49 MIRROR DEVIL WORD Mirror Devil Word Nice Code
50 MOWING Mowing Nice Code
51 MUSIC MOMENT Music Moment Nice Code
52 NUT CRACKY Nut Cracky Nice Code
53 PANZER FLY CAR Panzer Fly Car Konami/Inventor Road Fighter hack
54 AIR UMBRELLA Air Umbrella Nintendo/HAL Laboratory/Inventor Balloon Fight hack
55 PINDABLE Nature Clan: Pindable Crystal Ball Nice Code
56 PIZZA BOY Pizza Boy Nice Code
57 POLICE DOG Police Dog Lasy Nice Code
58 POLICE VS THIEF Police Vs Thief Nice Code
59 PONG PONG Pong Pong Nice Code
60 POWER ROBOT Power Robot Nice Code
61 PULVERATION Pulveration Nice Code Some title graphics are missing.
62 QUARTH Quarth Konami
63 RABBIT VILLAGE Rabbit Village Nice Code
64 RIVER JUMP River Jump Nice Code
65 AETHER Aether Namco/Inventor Warpman hack
66 SOLDIER Soldier Capcom/Inventor SonSon hack
67 SPRING WORLD Nature Clan: Spring World Nice Code
68 SQUEE Squeezer Nice Code
69 SUBMARINE Submarine Nice Code
70 SURFG SPORT Surfing Nice Code U.S. Ski Team Skiing Intellivision port with altered graphics.
71 THROUGH MAN Through Man Nice Code
72 TO TO To To Workss/ASCII/Inventor Astro Robo Sasa hack
73 TOWER Tower of Doom Techno Source Nice Code Intellivision port.
74 TOY FACTORY Toy Factory Nice Code
75 TRUMP TANK Trump Tank Nintendo/Inventor Mach Rider hack
76 WAR ZONE War Zone Nice Code
77 WILD WORM Wild Worm Nice Code
78 WONDER BALL Wonder Ball Nice Code
79 ANTIQUARIUM Antiquarium Nice Code
80 AQUARIUM Aquarium Nice Code
81 ARCHERY Archery Konami Track & Field II minigame in standalone form.
82 ARENA Arena Nice Code
83 ASSART Assart Nice Code
84 BINARY LAND Binary Land Nice Code
85 BLACK WHITE CHESS Black White Chess Nice Code
86 BOX WORLD Box World Nice Code
87 CANNONADE Cannonade Nice Code
88 CIRCUS CHARLIE Circus Charlie Konami
89 COAST GUARD Coast Guard Nice Code
90 CORRIDOR Corridor Nice Code
91 TWIN BOAR Twin Boar Nice Code
92 CUB ADVENTURE Cub Adventure Nice Code
93 DUNE WAR Dune War Nice Code
94 FRANTIC MOUSE Frantic Mouse Nice Code
95 FRUITDISH Fruitdish Nice Code
96 GATE Gate Nice Code
97 GLOMMY CHESS Hidden Chinese Chess Joy Van Copyright text removed, Joy Van logos intact.
98 GOAL KEEPER Goal Keeper Nice Code
99 HALLIHOO Hallihoo Nice Code
100 HELICOPTER Bomb Helicopter Nice Code
101 HEXAPOD WAR Hexapod War Nice Code
102 IQ CHAMPION IQ Champion Nice Code
103 JOUST Joust Williams/HAL Laboratory Copyright text removed.
104 LABYRINTH Labyrinth Nice Code
105 LUNARIAN Lunarian Nice Code
106 MAD XMAS Mad Xmas Nice Code
107 MAKING LOVE Making Love Namco/YS/unknown Battle City/Tank 1990 hack.
108 MARS Mars Hudson/Tecmo/Inventor Star Force hack
109 MOTOBOAT Motoboat Nice Code
110 MOVE BOX Move Box Nice Code
111 PANZER ATTACK Panzer Attack Nice Code
112 PILLAR Pillar Nice Code
113 POKER Poker Sachen Unmodified version, vith copyright text et al.
114 PUZZLE Puzzle Nice Code
115 RAIDON BUNGELING B Raid on Bungeling Bay Broderbund/Hudson Soft Copyright text removed.
116 RURAL GOBLIN Rural Goblin Nice Code
117 SALVER Salver Nice Code
118 TWIN CARDS Twin Cards Nice Code



  • Like all Flying Tiger products, the Slot Machine comes in a plain white box with a photo of the console, some screenshot, and the product description in 20+ languages.
  • The 2.2" screen is obviously not well-suited resolution-wise for Famicom games, which results in a vertically squished image with multiple missing lines. (See Pulveration photo for example). However, the game menu seems to be optimized for the screen, and as such the text and the graphics are displayed correctly.
  • A few games, namely Puzzle, were allegedly made to play with mouse-based Famiclones, having a cursor as a selection method.
  • The weirdest-titled game, Making Love, is actually nothing more than a garden variety Battle City- or Tank 1990-based hack.
  • Despite this being a product apparently targeted to younger audiences, a pornographic Hacker International game (Peek-a-boo Poker) is included in the title selection.
  • The apparent lack of a Select button, despite this being a Famiclone, can be interpreted as a quick way to circumvent the selection of 2-player modes in the games without having to alter them. However, alternate modes accessible via Select in games that have them (such as Raid on Bungeling Bay) are now inaccessible.
  • In 2022, Flying Tiger had released a similar handheld Famiclone resembling the PlayStation Portable named Spillekonsol ("gaming console" in Danish), modeled after the PXP SY-888 handheld console. Although it presents the same characteristics as the Slot Machine, it only includes 108 games, mainly Nice Code games, Inventor hacks and a few unlicensed NES/Famicom games, and some of them are different to those featured in the Slot Machine.
  • The 2021 and 2023 versions of the Slot Machine only include 100 games, against the 118 of the original 2020 version. The 2023 version also has different shape and marquees than the 2020 and 2021 versions.