Fortune Power
Origin Taipei, Taiwan/Shenzhen (branch office)
Years 1989-2000 (裕威股份有限公司)

2000-present (擎天科技股份有限公司)

Consoles Famicom/NES
Related companies Ex-Sachen developers, Jichang

Fortune Power (Traditional Chinese: 富擎天科技股份有限公司[1] [2] [3]) (Formerly known as company: 裕威股份有限公司[4] ) is a Taiwanese company specialised in gaming peripherals and other electronics devices founded in 1989[5]. Before formerly known as 裕威股份有限公司. It is notable for producing one Famicom title in the mid 90s: Chu Da D. The company still exists today but doesn't seem to be involved with software anymore.

Game console[edit | edit source]

Name Console Released Description
Fortune SY 3000-B (Aka Walk Game II) GAMEBOY 1993 Gameboy DMG-01 clone. [6] [7] [8] [9]
QDS-600 TV GUN BOY NES/Famicom 2004? NES/Famicom clone. [10] [11] [12]

Games[edit | edit source]

Name Console Released Description
Chu Da D Famicom 1995 Developed by Fortune Power & Ex-Sachen developers, Published by Jichang. As of now, It appears to be their only game.

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