Free Throws
Free Throws VT09
Developer JungleTac
Console VT09, on various plug 'n plays

Free Throws, also known as Basketball, is a game developed by JungleTac, based on the VT09 hardware.

Gameplay Edit

The player is a basketball player, who is situated inside a basketball stadium with spectators; his goal is to throw a basketball in the hoop--hence the name "free throws".

There is a red, 5-bar meter at the top-right corner, and the player's shot distance is based on how many of the red bars are highlighted. After each throw, the basketball player is repositioned at a different pointer. The basketball player's objective is to make 20 shots under one minute.

Console/Handheld appearances Edit

Console/Handheld Category Menu title
Classic Max Lite Sports (03) Basketball
VG Pocket 50 Sports Free Throws
VG Pocket Max Sport Free Throws
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