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Fruit Ninja HD is a port of the game of the same name by either Touch Game Player or Zhengyaxin_8bit, for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.


To start the game, you need to cut the watermelon in the title screen (Its unknown which button is used to start the game).

After starting the game, a sample of a (curently unknown) song will play on the background, and instead of swiping, you use a cursor to cut the fruit, and trying to cut a bomb will instantly end the game.



  • Due to its quality, Zhengyaxin_8bit might be the creator of this port.
    • if this is true, then it means this is the only port made by Zhenqyaxin to feature Chinese text, and that Zhen works for an unknown company.
  • This game has only known to be found on the ES-2016 handheld Mega Drive clone.