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Funtime is a company (or possibly a brandname from an unknown other company) who developed many Famicom multicarts and plug & plays.


Funtime's origins and history are mostly unknown. They seemingly did not distribute products themselves, which were instead sold by other manufacturers. Their most well-known release is the infamous Power Player Super Joy III, which was very popular in North America. Their earliest known operations were in 1998, with a multicart titled Super 76-in-1.

In 1999-2000 (presumably), Funtime developed a series of multicarts titled "Y2K", which included hacks of early Famicom games featuring popular characters at the time (Pikachu, Teletubbies, etc.). This line was later discontinued, with future systems exclusively using unhacked games. The post-Y2K releases were all almost identical to the Super 76-in-1 cartridge, only changing out a handful of games, and sometimes duplicating the list to 76000-in-1; roughly a dozen variants of the 76/76000-in-1 game counts are known to exist.


"Y2K" games[]

These games were produced for the "Y2K" multicart series. Most hacks only change the player's sprite, without altering any further assets. Sometimes the color values are changed to match the character, while other times they are not; in the case of the latter, this is often done intentionally to allow both the hacked and unhacked game on the multicart, running off of the same PRG code. The title screen logos are generally blanked out, with no title in their place; the names listed are what they are labeled as in the multicart menus.

Original Game Hack Name(s) Notes
Binary Land Ding Dong Gurin and Malon are replaced with blue and pink Doraemons. Unlike most hacks, the in-game title screen is altered.
Bomberman Digimon Palmon
Toy Story II
In Toy Story II, Bomberman is replaced with Woody.
Dig Dug Hello Kitty Dig Dug is replaced with Hello Kitty.
Donkey Kong Toy Story 2 (2) Mario is replaced with Woody.
Donkey Kong Jr. Digimon Agumon
Turtles II
Junior is replaced with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle; Donkey Kong and Mario are intact.
Turtles II was later re-hacked by Inventor to create Rescue Kuck.
Felix the Cat Pikachu Y2K
Pokemon 2000
Pokemon 2000 (2)
Teletubbies 2000
Pikachu Y2K and the first version of Pokemon 2000 feature Pikachu; the second version of Pokemon 2000 changes two of Felix's forms to Charmander, while the others are still Pikachu. Unlike Funtime's other hacks, these were also distributed on single cartridges; likely due to Felix the Cat using PRG-RAM, which is not supported in many multicart engines.
Lode Runner Turtles Features a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
Turtles was later re-hacked by Inventor to create Conte Enegy.
Magic Carpet 1001 Harry Later re-hacked by Inventor to create Harry Potter.
Mappy Digimon Gatomon
Mario Bros. Digimon Veemon
Nuts & Milk Pokemon Replaces Nuts and Milk with two Pikachus. The water along the bottom of the screen is removed; its splash remains, but is recolored red, making it resemble lava. Some multicarts alter the title screen to read "Pokemon Crystal" in plain text.
Warpman Digimon Hawkmon
Whirlwind replaces the main character with Pikachu.

"Binary" and "Pacman" hacks[]

A seemingly-separate set of hacks was produced that replace the sprites with the player characters from Binary Land and Nuts & Milk; the latter erroneously referred to as being "Pac-Man". These hacks are rather uncommon compared to the others, with the exception of the Mappy hack, which appears in some common variants of the Super Joy III (labeled as just "Pacman", with the actual Pac-Man game not being present).

Original Game Hack Name(s) Notes
Binary Land Pacman & Land Uses Nuts & Milk sprites; sometimes labeled as just "Pacman".
Bomberman Bomber Pacman Uses Nuts & Milk sprites.
Donkey Kong Binary 4 Uses Binary Land sprites.
Mappy Pacman 3 Uses Nuts & Milk sprites; sometimes labeled as "Pac-Man Race" or just "Pacman".
Nuts & Milk Milk & Nuts II Uses Binary Land sprites.
Later re-hacked by Inventor to create Penguin.
Warpman Warp Binary Uses Binary Land sprites.

Unconfirmed games[]

These hacks are done in a very similar style to Funtime's, but are not 100% confirmed to be developed by them.

Original Game Hack Name(s) Notes
Adventure Island Adventure Mario
Ninja Gaiden 3 Spiderman 2 Ryu is replaced with Spiderman and the game starts on level 2.
Shin Jinrui - The New Type The Powerful Girl Features Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls.
Urusei Yatsura - Lum no Wedding Bell Digi Monster II Lum is replaced with Veemon from Digimon.

Multigames produced[]

Cartridge releases[]

  • 64-in-1 Y2K
  • 42-in-1 Y2K (contains DIP switch settings for 420-in-1, 5000-in-1, and 10000000-in-1)
    • Teletubbies - and More! - 72-pin release of the 42-in-1, set to 420-in-1 mode; possibly custom-built?[1]
  • 130-in-1 (JY-130)
  • Super Game 76-in-1 (KT-D)

Plug & Plays[]


  • Early revisions of the Mitashi Game-In Smarty feature a menu similar to the Digimon Aventure 128-in-1; however, it also lists games featuring Biyomon, Gomamon, and Ikkakumon, in addition to a second Hello Kitty game and a "Beyblade" game. Little further information is known about this release, however.[2]