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{{Infobox game
| name = Pokémon Perla
| image = File:Perla.jpg
| date = 2005-2007
| publisher = "EMU LG"
| developer = "EMU LG"
| console = Game Boy Advance
|imagewidth = 200
|caption = Front cover of the game.
|hackof = Pokémon Sapphire/Ruby
|originalby = Nintendo
|engine = Nintendo
|sound = Nintendo}}
'''''Pokémon Perla''''' is a hack of Pokémon Ruby (or Sapphire) for the Game Boy Advance. This hack was probably made by an unknown Spanish, American or Italian developer (according to the title or to the ESRB rating) named EMU LG. Despite the game is dated 2005 (see title screen pic), it was probably made after 2007, considering that the game has many elements from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.
PerlaTitle.jpg|Title screen
PerlaCo.jpg|The company that made the game
CuteFakePokemon.jpg|Two mysterious creatures in the intro
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