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The original and the clone, both showing Alleyway. The screens are very different, even in normal light.

The GB Boy Colour (note British English spelling) is a clone of the Nintendo Game Boy Color, manufactured by a company known either as Kongfeng or Gangfeng. While it plays original Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges, it has a number of significant differences from the original system.

Its screen is slightly wider than that of the original Game Boy Color. More importantly, it is also backlit. This makes it much easier to see, especially in dark conditions, despite the lack of 1:1 pixel mapping, due to the screen having the actual resolution of 320x240.

It also often comes with a built in multicart. Not all that are available for sale have this function - where they do it is advertised either as 188 in 1 or 66 in 1. If the system is turned on without a cartridge inserted, it boots into this multicart (where present), which contains games like Contra, SPACE INVADERS, Alleyway, and occasional GB homebrew like Tic-Tac-Toe. If a cartridge is inserted, a lever inside the cartridge bay is depressed and the system loads this instead.

The version of the console that includes "188 in 1" built in contains a glitched version of Donkey Kong. After the first four levels are completed and the cutscene of Mario chasing Donkey Kong plays, Mario will receive an infinite amount of lives. This continues after 99 lives are obtained and cannot be skipped, causing the game to be unplayable

New units are currently available: they originate in China.