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The GB Station Light is a handheld Famiclone that resembles the Game Boy Advance SP. It was manufactured by an unknown company. Every unit comes packaged with a proprietary 999999-in-1 multicart, sometimes a lower game multicart, like a 15000-in-1 multicart, a knockoff GBA SP charger, and an AV cable.

Many manufacturers sells the device with different types of boxes, multicarts and game menus, the GB Station Light is thicker than the actual GBA SP.

Some GB Station Light variants usually come with an Angry Birds theme, with the first 2 games (or only 1) being sprite hacks of games to theme Angry Birds, within the games being listed as "Anger Birds".

Unlike the GBA SP, the GB Station Light's backlit button is now a reset button, and the shoulder buttons (L and R) are turbo buttons.

The GB Station Light has a few obscure titles such as "CKAAAN18" (Склад 18 in Russian). Similar to most Famiclones, every game's copyright info was removed.