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The GB Station Light II is a handheld Famiclone that resembles the Game Boy Advance SP and is a successor to the GB Station Light.

It is manufactured by an unknown company (presumably the same company who manufactures the Play Vision Portable) and sold through GearBest and other e-Commerce sites like AliBaba/AliExpress, though one listing on Amazon IT seems to be present. Similar variants are currently sold on other websites.

The console itself claims to be a "second generation" of the GB Station Light, however, every single aspect is the same of the first one, with the box art being diferent and misleading, since it claims the device is 3D.

The game list can be changed in other variants of the console, similar to other handheld Famiclones, the list vary through 700000-in-1 to a 168-in-1.

The handheld Famiclone normally comes themed with an Angry Birds theme, with the first games being sprite hacks of other games, and being renamed to Anger Birds (can be listed as Angry Bird or Angry Birds depending on the variant.)

Contents of the box[]

The box includes:

  • the console itself
  • a rechargeable battery
  • a mini-USB multi-voltage charger with a US plug
    • for other regions an additional plug adapter may be included
    • newer releases may include just a mini-USB cable to use with a generic phone charger (to save costs)
  • a proprietary "Super Classic Card Two" multicart
  • a 2.5mm-to-RCA AV cable

The button layout is based off the GBA SP, with L and R acting as Turbo A and B respectively, and the backlight switch is now a Reset button.

The screen measures 4,5x3,1 cm (1.7x1.2 in). It has the wrong aspect ratio and no scaling, and as a result, many vertical lines are missing. The console seemingly is a little more thicker than the actual GBA SP.

The AV out is NTSC only, and it deactivates the handheld screen automatically when the cable is connected on startup. Just like the original Famicom, the audio is mono only.

Some colors are displayed differently depending on the display (device or AV out): for example, the blue backgrounds in games such as Super Mario Bros. and Arabian appear bright pink on the display but on the AV out, they are light blue.



V Out Test 2

Built-in ("700000 in 1"), 28 games total.

Super Classic Card Two ("222000 in 1"), 18 games total.

Everything else is repeated.

Complete list


  • The box features images stolen from Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Party DS, Crash of the Titans and Crash Nitro Kart. It also features the usual "holographic" foil typical for Chinese products.
  • The menu music is lifted straight from The NewZealand Story.
  • A lot of the games are very early Famicom titles (most dating back to 1983).
  • Aside for the removed copyrights, all games (except Anger Bird and Super Contra 6) on the cartridge are unaltered, unlike the built-in ones.
  • The "cartridge" is actually a simple hardware switch, meaning that all of the games are built-in but normally unaccessible, and that there might be more hidden in memory.