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Complete list of the games included in the GB Station Light II.

All of these games have their copyrights removed. Some of these games are available on PVPs

Built-in games ("700000 in 1")[]

Menu title Original game Notes
1 ANGER BIRD 4 The New Zealand Story Referred as "Anger Birds" on title screen

All sprites replaced with various Angry Birds characters and cartoon character Pocoyo.

Possibly the same version found on PVPs.

2 ANGER BIRD 3 Angry Birds Homebrew title. Also found on most PVPs
3 POKOYO Bubble Bobble: Part 2 Referred as "Pokoyo Pokoyo" on title screen.

Bub and Bob's sprites are replaced with cartoon character Pocoyo.

4 BERNAT Little Nemo: Dream Master Referred as "Bernat Dream Master" on title screen
5 CRASH III Mistume ga Tooru Capcom splash screen replaced with a "crash III" logo.

The main character's head has been replaced with Crash Bandicoot's.

Possibly the same version found on PVPs.

6 MONSTER IN MY PO Monster In My Pocket
7 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey Mousecapade Usually starts at the "Little House" stge. Also found on most PVPs
8 SUPER MARIO Super Mario Bros. Title and copyrights removed. Often uses the PAL version, thus making the game run faster than usual. Also found in most PVPs
9 10 YARD FIGHT 10-Yard Fight Just 10-Yard Fight. Also found on PVPs
10 90 TANK Battle City Tank A 1990 variant commonly found in Famiclones.
11 ANTARCTIC ADVEN Antarctic Adventure
12 ARABIAN Super Arabian
13 BALLOON FIGHT Balloon Fight
14 BASE BALL Baseball
15 BINARY LAND Binary Land
16 BIRD WEEK Bird Week
17 BOMBER MAN Bomberman
18 BOMB SWEEPER Bomb Sweeper Homebrew port of "Bombsweeper" (Game & Watch) with copyrights removed.
19 BRUSH ROLLER Brush Roller
20 BURGER TIME Burger Time
21 CHACK AND POP Chack 'n' Pop
22 CHESS Gomoku Narabe Renju
23 CIRCUS CHARLIE Circus Charlie
24 CLU CLU LAND Clu Clu Land
25 COMBAT Field Combat
26 DEFENDER Defender
27 DONKEY KONG 1 Donkey Kong
28 DONKEY KONG 2 Donkey Kong Jr.

Super Classic Card Two ("220000 in 1")[]

Menu entry Original game Notes
1 ANGER BIRD 1 Moai-kun Referred as "Anger Bird" on title screen.

Most sprites have been replaced with Angry Birds-themed ones. Possibly the same version found on PVPs.

2 SNOW BROS Snow Bros.
3 CONTRA 6 Contra Force Super Contra 6 variant.
4 DEVIL WORLD Devil World
5 DIG DUG 1 Dig Dug
6 DONKEY KONG 3 Donkey Kong 3
7 DONKEY KONG JR M Donkey Kong Jr. Math
8 DOOR DOOR Door Door
9 EXCITE BIKE Excitebike
10 EXERION Exerion
11 MARIO BROS Mario Bros.
12 SPACE ET Space Invaders
13 MAPPY Mappy
14 PIN BALL Pinball
15 KUNG FU Yie-Ar Kung-Fu Just Yie-Ar Kung Fu. Sometimes found on PVP systems.
16 MILLIPEDE Millipede
17 WARPMAN Warpman Found on PVP systems.
18 ANTARCTIC ADV Antarctic Adventure Same as the built-in version. Found on PVPs