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GN Twin

GN Twin with controllers

The GN Twin is a combination Famicom and Mega Drive clone manufactured by Qi Sheng Long & distributed in the US by Yobo Gameware Co., where it is sold for $39.99 and available in both black and silver or silver and grey versions. Its competitors include the Gen-X Dual Station and SG/FC Dual Action.

The console comes with two six-button controllers, but is not compatible with original Mega Drive controllers[1] or any accessories for that console (such as the 32X, Mega CD or Master System converter); neither is it compatible with original NES controllers.

It has a switch to play both Japanese Mega Drive and US Genesis games but unusually Mega Drive games are inserted backwards[2]; it does not have an NTSC/PAL switch so PAL Mega Drive cartridges that perform a region check will not work. It is also not compatible with Famicom cartridges without an adapter as it only has a 72-pin NES port. The Mega Drive side uses a Tec Toy chip[3], but as with most clones suffers from some sound issues and is not 100% compatible.