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The GPL162xx is a series of systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) made by Generalplus, a subsidiary of the Taiwanese company Sunplus, best known for their earlier Sunplus SPG series. The GPL162xx series is designed to be a cost-effective processor for use in multimedia devices such as video games, toys, and educational appliances. The GPL162xx series of systems use an updated version of the 16-bit µ’nSP instruction set developed by Sunplus and used in their SPG systems prior to the SPG290, named µ’nSP 2.0. The earliest known use of the GPL162xx systems were in the late 2000s for TV game consoles by companies such as JAKKS Pacific.

Unlike the Sunplus SPG series, technical information and datasheets on some of the GPL162xx systems are publicly available on Generalplus' website. The GPL162xx series is known to have been used by Senca in handheld multi-game systems containing their games, and is also known to be used in the Wireless Air 60. Nice Code Software has claimed to have developed games for the GPL16258 on their website[1], and are also known to have developed a set of lightgun games that appear on the Wireless Hunting Video Game System, a GPL162xx-based system that was manufactured by Qi Sheng Long and released by Kids Station Toys.

Known systems[]

  • GPL16218B
  • GPL16238B
  • GPL16250 - Also known as GPAC800, GMC384, and GCM420.
  • GPL16258 - Used by Nice Code Software for some games. Also used in lightgun systems manufactured by Qi Sheng Long in the early 2010s.[2][3]