The GS4 Pro is a knock off NES-on-a-chip clone of the PS4 Pro. It has 200 built-in games and also supports Famicom/Famiclone cartridges.

List of games:

1. Super Mario Bros. 3

2. Super Mario Bros. (NTSC version)

3. Harry Potter (Hack of Magic Carpet 1001)

4. Defender II (Stargate)

5. Space Invaders (Title says ¨SPACE ET¨)

6. Donkey Kong (copyrights removed)

7. Gradius (Title screen, Konami logo and copyrights removed)

8. Galaga (copyrights and Namcot logo removed)

9. Arkanoid (copyrights and Taito logo removed)

10. 1942

11. Super Contra

12. 10 Yard Fight

13. Sky Destroyer

14. Pac-Man (Namco version: copyrights and Namco logo removed)

15. Bomber Man

16. Hyper Olympic (Track & Field)

17. Tetris (Tengen version: title says 1991 NEW GAME)

18. Millipede

19. Pinball

20. Football (Soccer)

21. Dig Dug

22. Antarctic Adventure

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