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The GS4 Pro is a knock off NES-on-a-chip clone of the PS4 Pro. It has 200 built-in games and also supports Famicom/Famiclone cartridges.

List of Games[]

  1. Super Mario Bros. 3
  2. Super Mario Bros. (NTSC version)
  3. Harry Potter (Hack of Magic Carpet 1001)
  4. Defender II (Stargate)
  5. Space Invaders (Title says ¨SPACE ET¨)
  6. Donkey Kong (copyrights removed)
  7. Gradius (Title screen, Konami logo, and copyrights removed)
  8. Galaga (copyrights and Namcot logo removed)
  9. Arkanoid (copyrights and Taito logo removed)
  10. 1942
  11. Super Contra
  12. 10 Yard Fight
  13. Sky Destroyer
  14. Pac-Man (Namco version: copyrights and Namco logo removed)
  15. Bomber Man
  16. Hyper Olympic (Track & Field)
  17. Tetris (Tengen version: title says "1991 NEW GAME")
  18. Millipede
  19. Pinball
  20. Football (Soccer)
  21. Dig Dug
  22. Antarctic Adventure
  23. Warpman
  24. Lunar Ball (Lunar Pool)
  25. Golf (Copyrights removed)
  26. Excitebike (title hack)
  27. Road Fighter (copyrights removed)
  28. F1 Race
  29. Lode Runner
  30. Tank (Battle City level select hack)
  31. Raid on Bungeling Bay
  32. Mappy
  33. Pooyan
  34. Tennis
  35. Baseball
  36. Clu Clu Land
  37. Balloon Fight
  38. Ice Climber
  39. Macross
  40. Mario Bros
  41. Block Puzzle
  42. Meccano
  43. Burger Time
  44. Popeye
  45. Star Force
  46. Circus Charlie

The rest are all Nice Code games made for the My Arcade systems.


  • A variant model of the GS4 Pro called the Alien Computer Entertainment exists which has 110 built-in games. Both models can play Famicom and Famiclone cartridges.
  • The menu music in the 230-in-1 version of the GS4 Pro is the same as the Retro FC console's menu music.
  • The menu sound effect played when you select a game in the Alien Computer Entertainment variant is the same as the one in the CoolBoy 400-in-1 Real Game multicart and the Retro FC 400-in-1 console.
  • GS4 Pro might stand for 'GameStation 4 Pro'.