There are many unlicensed hacks of the PlayStation 2 version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with mostly graphical and musical changes, sometimes replacing cutscenes with videos and changing gameplay a little bit. Some of them are fan-made PC mods stolen by pirates and remade for PS2.

The most famous developer in Latin America as far as this mods are concerned is geomatrix, a Brazilian modder who creates mods of Pro Evolution Soccer, Grand Theft Auto, and other games changing only music and skins.

GTA:SA Dragon Ball Edit

This hack replaces CJ with Vegeta and adds minor graphical changes. Vegeta's model has several errors, most notably in cutscenes.

GTA:SA Wolverine Edit

Replaces main character with Wolverine and adds minor graphical changes.

GTA Saw Edit

Replaces main character with Jigsaw.

GTA Dubai City Edit

Major graphical hack that changes San Andreas into Dubai. Replaces music.

GTA Kirk Douglas Edit

Replaces main character with Kirk Douglas.

GTA Supernatural, GTA The Legend, GTA Infinite World, Gta 2012: End Of The World Edit

These four are the same hack with minor differences. Story missions are removed and super powers are added.[1]

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