A bunch of hacks with mostly graphical and musical changes, sometimes replacing cutscenes with videos and changing gameplay a little bit. Some of them fan made PC mods, stolen by pirates and remade for PS2.

GTA:SA Dragon Ball Z

Replaces main character with Vegeta and adds minor graphical changes.

GTA:SA Wolverine

Replaces main character with Wolverine and adds minor graphical changes.


Replaces main character with Saw.

130206 piratehacks gtasaw
130206 piratehacks saw jigsaw-600x333

GTA Dubai City

Major graphical hack, that remades San Andreas into Dubai. Replaces music.

130206 piratehacks dubaicity cover
130206 piratehacks dubai city-600x333

GTA Kirk Douglas

Replaces main character with Kirk Douglas.

130206 piratehacks kirkdouglas

GTA Supernatural, GTA The Legend, GTA Infinite World, Gta 2012: End Of The World

These four is the same hack, with minor differences, that removes story missions and adds super powers.

130206 piratehacks gtaassortment-600x332
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