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G-Factor is a series of VT03-based Famicom cartridges compatible with various Famiclones produced by Yobo Gameware, such as the Factor-5 console. They were released on the North American market in the late 2000s.


The G-Factor cartridges are all 5-in-1 multicarts, the count of "5" possibly being chosen to match the Factor-5 console name. They are about half the size of a standard Famicom cart, likely to indicate they are not backwards-compatible with the original hardware. Each cartridge appears to use the otherwise-uncommon Shenzhen Niutai game library, including a few of the originally-developed games from that set; though the majority of games are Niutai's VT03 hacks of Nice Code titles. Unhacked Nice Code versions and Qi Sheng Long variations are also included.

Known cartridge IDs[]

For further information on the majority of games, see Nice Code Software.

  • "Common" cartridge (no ID, pack-in on some console models) - Motor Race (VT03), Aether Mission (VT03), Assault Force (VT03), Hot Gun (VT03), Bomb Kid (VT03)
  • #10 - Skiing (VT03), Baseball (VT03), Fishing (VT03), Diamond (VT02), RB Chess (VT02)
  • #15 - Whelk (VT03), World Cup 2006 (VT03), Robot (VT03), Angler Fish (VT02), Shrew Mouse (VT02)
  • #16 - Super F-1 Race (VT03), Deformable (VT02), Enchanter (VT03), Vectron (VT02), Sea-Maid (VT02)
  • #22 - Aether Mission (VT03), Forest Kid (VT03), Ramming (VT03), Fish Story (VT02), Final Blood (VT02)
  • #23 - Assault Force (VT03), Skiing (VT03), 100m Dash (VT03), Dejectil (VT02), Thin Ice (VT02)
  • #25 - Adventurer (VT03), Pulveration (VT02), Basketball (VT03), Motoboat (VT02), Grot Kid (VT02)
  • #29 - Greedy (VT02), Speed Challenge (VT03), Lawn Mower (VT03), 110m Hurdles (VT02), Diamond (VT02)