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Galaxian Hardware

2-in-1 featuring Ghostmuncher, a Pac-Man conversion, and Uniwar S, a shooting game running on Galaxian Hardware by Irem. (Though the dumped version of it has Galaxian Part X instead)

Throughout the early '80s, Galaxian's arcade hardware was commonly used in pirated arcade games. It was very easy to clone when compared to other titles, and as such, they could be mass-produced easily. Many (rather poor) conversions of popular arcade games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong were released at a much lower cost than the official machines, and were common in less wealthy parts of the world.

Known Galaxian Conversions[]

Something notable about Galaxian hardware bootlegs is that many elements, especially colors and sound, will be very off in some cases. Another notable point is that while most games are direct copies of other arcade titles, some are programmed from scratch.

  • 4 Fun in 1 - Possibly the first bootleg multigame ever released. Dated 1981. Features Galactic Convoy (Centipede clone), Scramble Part 2 (Scramble clone), Galaxian Part 5 (Galaxian bootleg), and The Ghostmuncher Part 3 (Hangly-Man bootleg).
  • Big Kong - Crazy Kong (Japanese version of Donkey Kong) conversion. Levels are hacked.
  • Crazy Kong - Crazy Kong conversion.
  • Fantastic - Galaga conversion.
  • Frog - Frogger conversion.
  • Ghostmuncher - Pac-Man conversion.
  • Guttang Gottong - Loco-Motion/Guttang Gottong conversion
  • Hunchback - Hunchback conversion. The voices are missing in this version, unlike the original on Century Video System hardware. Also, the game runs faster than the original, making gameplay more difficult.
  • Kong - Donkey Kong clone.
  • Lady Bug - Lady Bug conversion.
  • Pac-Man - Pac-Man conversion.
  • Tazz-Mania - Tazz-Mania conversion
  • Time Fighter - Time Pilot conversion.
  • War of the Bugs - Centipede clone (same as Galactic Convoy from 4 Fun in 1).
  • Zig Zag - Dig Dug conversion. Adds a new power-up that speeds the game up.