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The Game 27 x 1 is a reset-based pirate multicart for the original Game Boy, possibly released after 1992. It features 27 games without repeats and, being reset-based, no menus.

The cartridge itself is a standard grey GB cartridge, slightly thicker than a standard official Nintendo cart (making it a bit harder to insert), with a rubber button on the upper side (where the usual Nintendo logo would be) to switch game.

It's quite easy to switch games with the button, although sometimes when booting up (usually because of the button not making enough contact) it's hard to move out from the first game, but this can be fixed easily by opening the cartridge (that has a standard Philips screw) and cleaning the PCB.

The label on the cartridge is (seemingly) in Simplified Chinese, thus all the titles written on it are retranslations of the actual games' titles.

Game list[]


The cartridge label.

Game title (Label title when transcripted and/or additional info)

  1. Snow Bros. Jr. (Toaplan/Naxat Soft, 1991, listed as 雪人兄弟, Snowman Brothers)
  2. Mickey Mouse (Kemco, 1989, listed as 米奇老鼠, Mickey Mouse)
  3. DuckTales (JP) (Capcom, 1990, listed as 唐老鴨, Donald Duck)
  4. Motocross Maniacs (Konami, 1989, listed as 電單車, Motorcycle)
  5. Master Karateka (Broderbund/Bandai Shinsei, 1989, listed as 空手道, Karate)
  6. Palamedes (Hot-B, 1990)
  7. Boxxle (CH) (Thinking Rabbit/Pony Canyon, Inc., 1989, listed as 倉庫番 1, Sokoban 1)
  8. Bubble Ghost (EU) (FCI/Pony Canyon, Inc./Infogrames, 1990. listed as 泡泡 鬼, Bubble Ghost)
  9. Klax (Hudson Soft/Atari Games/Tengen, 1990, listed as 旋轉方塊, Rotating Block)
  10. Flipull (Taito, 1990)
  11. Othello (Tsukuda/Kawada, 1990)
  12. Penguin Land (Sega/Pony Canyon, Inc., 1990)
  13. Daedalus Opus (JP) (Vic Tokai, 1990)
  14. Serpent (JP) (Naxat Soft, 1990, listed as IQ蛇, IQ Snake/IQ Serpent)
  15. Hong Kong (Tokuma Shoten Inner Media/Onion Software, 1990)
  16. Q Billion (Seta, 1990)
  17. Pitman (ASK Kodansha, 1990)
  18. Loopz (Mindscape/Audiogenic Software/Argonaut, 1990)
  19. Flappy Special (dB Soft/Victor Musical Industries, 1990)
  20. Dragon Slayer (Nihon Falcom/Epoch, 1990)
  21. Ishido: The Way of Stones (ASCII/Software Resources International, 1990)
  22. The Game of Harmony (Accolade/US Gold/The Assembly Line, 1990)
  23. Heiankyo Alien (TSG/Meldac Live Planning, 1989)
  24. Amida (Coconuts/Sofix, 1990)
  25. Kwirk (Atlus/Acclaim, 1989)
  26. 恋は駆け引き (Koi wa Kakehiki) (Pony Canyon, Inc., 1991)
  27. Tasmania Story (Pony Canyon, Inc., 1990)


  • All the games have been released in 1989 or 1990, with only two (Snow Bros, Jr. and Koi Wa Kakehiki) released in 1991.
  • The vast majority of the games included in this cartridge are puzzle games.