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369 in 1 is a multicart for the Game Boy Advance released in late 2015.


The cartridge features 22 Game Boy Advance games, with the other titles being NES games converted to GBA using Pocket NES,in a total of 369 games in 1. The box and cartridge both state there are no repeats, but in reality, over 100 titles are repeated. This is the largest known GBA multicart to date, which the packaging also boasts by putting its size (2048M) on the label.

The Game Boy Advance titles included were chosen mainly by popularity. Some titles include Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and all four Super Mario Advance games. The NES games were seemingly picked at random from GoodNES, a complete set of every NES game currently dumped and available on the internet. The games are in random sections, but the sections themselves have the games in the exact order of GoodNES. The names of the games, however, have been altered to what seem to be mistranslated, presumably from a Chinese version of the cart. Popular titles like the original Super Mario Bros. are missing due to this bizarre strategy. This also means inappropriate hacks and sometimes flat-out broken games are included in the compilation. Some noteworthy titles include:

  • Super Contra 8 (both Super Contra 8 and Super Contra 7 are included, despite being the exact same game).
  • Harry Story (bootleg Wacky Races hack; also listed as Harry potter a).
  • Kart Fighter (listed as Star big fights and The game Stars the big).
  • MegaFag (debatably the most offensive of the inappropriate hacks; listed as Rockman 6, the original title of the unhacked game).
  • MegaCrap (another offensive/inappropriate hack; listed as Rockman 5, also the original title of the unhacked game).
  • Druggy Final Fight (offensive/inappropriate hack of Mighty Final Fight; listed as The final combat).
  • Jurassic Boy 2 (listed as Dinosaur Boy).
  • Dance Xtreme - Prima (listed as Dance dance revolution).
  • Domkey Kong (bootleg Tiny Toon Adventures hack; listed as Donkey kong).
  • Duck (Listed under Duke nukem)
  • Drac's Night Out (prototype NES title that never received a retail release; listed as The night daydream).
  • Many fan-made Super Mario Bros. hacks, such as Kirby's Adventure 2 (listed as Kirby's Adventure 3), Luigi Bros. (listed as Mary Louis 4), Excite Mario Bros. (listed as Super Mario exe), and Giabbit (listed as Wario adventure).