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the Game Boy Advance SP is a clone of the official one made by the toy company Chuangfa toys (who made several bootleg toys based on popular cartoon characters as well as toys for toddlers) according to the circuit board. it was made around 2014/2015 according to a QC pass sticker on the bottom of it. this fake is very hard to find


the system looks identical to the official. the major difference being the shell is a lighter color, the shell being worse quality and the volume slider is of a lower quality. the sound is deeper pitched and it can't play official games. instead it has several built in games like Pokemon Emerald, Super Mario Advance, etc

the box also claims it is a AGS-101, while the bottom of the system says AGS-001. the bottom sticker resembles the ones found on the Japanese GBA SP.

the box has images from Mario Party DS, Mario Pinball Land, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Crash Bash and Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D. it also has a 3D World for some reason, the box does have the Nintendo logo but it is not a official Nintendo product.

this fake comes with the system, a power cord, a charging brick and a instruction booklet.

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