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The Game Fillip is an NES-on-a-Chip console that has 88 built-in games, the controllers are modeled after the original PlayStation controllers. Though the creator of this console is currently unknown, it's possible that the Game Fillip was made by the same people that made the Power Kracker, since they both have the "12 year-old & up" age limit.


The Game Fillip's release year is currently unknown, but it obviously came some point after the PlayStation 1 was released. It does have a cartridge slot, but it can only fit "Famicom" games, so (unless without a use of an adapter), NES games WILL NOT fit.

False Item Descriptions

  • The Game Fillip claims to have "Digital Stereo Sound" when the console is actually Mono only.
  • It claims to have a "High-Tech Controller"
  • It also claims to have "Dazzling 3-D Graphics", when really the NES can't support 3-D graphics.
  • The Game Fillip also claims to have "Spectacular Color", when really the NES can only support a few colors.
  • On the back of the box, it claims be "For Child", but the age limit on the box says it's for "Ages 12 & Up", the age 12 is a pre-teen/teenager age, so how could it be "For Child"?
  • It claims to be a "High-Quality" TV Game, when really it only supports the standard AV cables.

List of Included Games

Unlike most famiclones, the Game Fillip's built-in games doesn't have repeats, so here's the list of included games.

  1. Spider Man (Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six)
  2. Contra 2 (Takes you to a "20 in 1" menu, the actual game is "Super Contra"
  3. Adventure Island
  4. Turtle Fighter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters)
  5. Batman 1 (Batman)
  6. Ferrari (Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge)
  7. Desert Tank (Battle Tank)
  8. Dr Mario (title screen says "Space Hospital" if you start the game)
  9. Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mousecapade)
  10. Pony (Town)
  11. Pro Wrestling (Tag Team: Pro Wrestling)
  12. 634 Ken
  13. Star Soldier
  14. Super Mario (Super Mario Bros. with title screen hack)
  15. Twin Bee (TwinBee)
  16. Elevator (Elevator Action)
  17. Sqoon
  18. Snow Slacom (Slalom)
  19. Tetris II (Tengen Tetris)
  20. 1942
  21. Island (Nature Clan Island)
  22. Mach Rider
  23. Ice Ocean
  24. Jumping Kid (Amusement Park: Jumping Kid)
  25. Duck EEG (Duck)
  26. FMG Wars
  27. Cheallenger (Challenger)
  28. Small Mario (it's a different game that I don't know the name of.)
  29. Mario Bros (title screen says "Mr Mary" if you start the game.)
  30. Pacman (Pac-Man)
  31. Dongkey Kong 1 (Donkey Kong)
  32. Dig Dug 1 (Dig Dug)
  33. Bonber Man (Bomberman)
  34. Duck Hunt
  35. Magic Jewel (