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Game Mo-eumjip 188 Hap (ko:게임모음집188합, Game Collection 188, also called as Geim Moeumjip 188 Hap) is an unlicensed multicart for Korean and Japanese models of Sega Master System, despite being sold only in South Korea. As the name implies, it features 188 games in a single 8MBit (1MByte) cartridge, although many of them are just repeats.

List of games[]

All of them are MSX1 conversions, despite some of them being originally SG-1000 games converted officially to MSX and back-ported to Master System without any consent from Sega or Samsung.

  1. Bomberman
  2. Butamaru Pants
  3. Dragon Attack
  4. Con-Dori
  5. Galaxian
  6. Jump Coaster
  7. Mr. Chin
  8. Peetan
  9. Super Snake
  10. Step Up
  11. Tank Battalion
  12. Warp & Warp
  13. Iligks Episode One: Theseus
  14. Antarctic Adventure
  15. Comic Bakery
  16. Star Blazer
  17. Cabbage Patch Kids
  18. Circus Charlie
  19. Hole in One
  20. Hyper Rally
  21. Jump
  22. King's Valley
  23. Magical Tree
  24. Mopiranger
  25. Mr. Do's Wild Ride
  26. Unknown (title screen in Korean)
  27. Hyper Olympic 1
  28. Pippols
  29. Pooyan
  30. Road Fighter
  31. Hyper Sports 1
  32. Hyper Sports 2
  33. Bosconian
  34. Dig Dug
  35. Galaga
  36. Mappy
  37. Rally-X
  38. Pac-Man
  39. Hang-On (back-port of Hang-On II for SG-1000)
  40. Castle Excellent
  41. Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima
  42. Exoide-Z Area 5
  43. Flicky (MSX version, back-port from the SG-1000 version)
  44. The Goonies
  45. Gulkave (MSX version, back-port from the SG-1000 version)
  46. Knightmare
  47. Unknown (title screen is blanked)
  48. Lode Runner (MSX version)
  49. Moai no Hihou
  50. TwinBee
  51. Magical Kid Wiz
  52. Champion Ice Hockey (MSX version, back-port from the SG-1000 version)

From number 53 and onward, all games are countless repeats with minor changes, such as starting in a different stage or difficulty.


  • Due to all games relying in the legacy video modes of Master System, the cartridge is unplayable in a Mega Drive/Genesis with Mega Adaptor/Power Base Converter. (A notable licensed title that has a similar issue is F-16 Fighting Falcon by Nexa.)
  • A variant of the multicart exists around. The main difference between the two versions is the internal code for the built-in MSX BIOS, alongside some fixes for the multiple King's Valley entries with cheats.
  • Despite all games being modified with the publisher copyright mentions blanked or skipped, The Goonies still has the copyright info from Warner Bros.