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Game Theory

The box of the Translucent Blue Game Theory Admiral. Note how it says "Appearance of high accuracy color".

The Game Theory Admiral is a Famiclone manufactured by Subor [citation needed] and sold under the brand name "Mystery". It was also sold as the Cool Boy. [1]

It’s a portable unit made to look similar to the Game Boy Advance, minus the shoulder buttons and D-pad, coming in two colors; translucent blue and translucent pink (resembling similar colors made for the original GBA). For power it requires 3 AA batteries or a 4.5V AC adapter. The screen emulates a standard television screen size (4:3 aspect ratio).

It has no built-in games, and is able to play Famicom/NES games from cartridges, albeit using a custom smaller-sized connector to reduce the size of the console. The "Cool Boy" version shipped with one cartridge in this form factor, similar in size to a Game Boy cartridge, containing five games from Waixing and Nice Code.[1]

Through the use of a yellow adapter that is plugged into the cartridge port, it can also play regular Famicom cartridges, albeit with certain compatibility limitations, like with most Famiclones. It can also play NES games using an NES to Famicom cartridge converter, although this setup is rickety as such converters are usually flimsy contraptions and the NES cart is completely suspended above the system by said flimsy card.

The Game Theory Admiral can act as a home console as well when uses the pack-in AV adaptor and when one purchases controllers that plug into the bottom of the system (these peripherals connect using a port similar to the EXT. port on the GBA). The video connection is surprisingly clear, but the sound is often distorted.


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