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Gamer V Portable
Gamer V Portable.jpg
Release date 2015
Distributor(s) DreamGEAR
System Famiclone (VT02, VT03)
Included games 220
Game developer(s) Nice Code Software
Alternate name(s) 220-in-1

The Gamer V Portable is a handheld distributed by DreamGEAR and manufactured by an unknown company since 2015. It is often found in toy aisles in stores such as Walgreens.

The Gamer V Portable has 220 built-in games, and most of them are VT02 and VT03 titles from Nice Code. The handheld takes on four AAA batteries, and its item number is DGUN-2573.

It contains mostly bootleg games such as Cut Fruit and Degormable. There are plenty of games that are vehicle based.