Gamtec Corporation
Gamtec logo.png
Origin Taichung, Taiwan
Years 1989-present
Consoles Famicom, Mega Drive, PC (confirmed)
Gamate, Super Famicom, A'can, Arcade, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance (claimed)
Sounds used Twinbee (Famicom), Shi Kin Jou (Mega Drive), Wonderboy III (Mega Drive)
Related companies Bit Corp., Chuanpu, Vast Fame, Sintax, Super Game, SKOB

Gamtec (Chinese: 三協資訊 pinyin: sān xié zī xùn) is a game developer established in June 1989 and based in Taichung City, Taiwan.[1][2]

The company developed a number of Mega Drive, NES/Famicom[3] and PC[4] games, and claims to have developed for the Gamate, Super A'Can, arcade, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance[1][2], although it often acted as a contract developer for other companies so is frequently not credited in games it worked on.

Gamtec currently operates the online gaming site Bingo King.[5]. Games include lottery,bingo cards and sudoku. As of 2009 it employed 12 people, but none of the staff from the early years of the company still work there.

Confirmed games

These are games where Gamtec is explicitly credited or is otherwise confirmed to have developed them. The English title of many of at least the Mega Drive games are engrish translations of their original Chinese name. The proper English translation of their Chinese names are in brackets along with the original Chinese characters.


  • Fire Dragon - A crappy nice code title roughly based on edacity snakes by waixing.
  • King Tank - A hack of super tank for the famicom.
  • The Universe Soldiers - A hack of self defense for the pc.
  • Thunderbolt 2 (logo buried in rom) - A hack of gun nac for the famicom.
  • Dou Zhi Pin Pan - Wisdom Boy - A hack of sudoku by nice code software.

Mega Drive

  • Adventurous Boy [冒險小子 - Adventure Kid] - A hack of shooting king for the famicom.
  • Bomboy [轟炸小子 - Explosion Kid] - A hack of bomberman for the famicom.
  • Chaoji Dafuweng (logos on slot machine reels) - A board game roughly based on chibi maruko by heggendianzhi.
  • Legend of Wukong aka Wucom Legend [悟空外傳 - Goku Gaiden (Wukong Sidestory)] (released in English by Super Fighter Team)
  • Magic 7 Block - A access block clone by nice code.
  • Magic Girl [小魔女 - Little Witch] - A hack of galaxian for the pc.
  • Squirrel King (Gameplay & characters from Capcom's Chip & Dale NES games.) The game is in simplified chinese only.
    • Super Mario World aka Super Mario Bros: A version of Squirrel King with Mario sprites and levels. Apparently also produced by Gamtec. A taiwanese version of squirrel king.
  • Super Magican aka Elf Wor [靈幻道士 - Spritual Magic Priest] (Same music as Magic Girl) - A hack of lord of the rings by vast fame.
  • Super Tank War - A original game by vast fame based on nice code's king tank.
  • Magicard cheat cartridge - A port of fire bird from the gba.

Unconfirmed games


  • Top Shooter (Mega Drive hardware)


  • Ball Story - A hack of table ball by nintendo. Published by vast fame.

Mega Drive

  • Lion King 2 (credits match with Gamtec staff) - A hack of lion king by supergame.
  • Super Bubble Bobble MD - A hack of bubble bobble. But the pirated version not the official version.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures 3 (art style and intro very much like Adventurous Boy, among other titles) - A hack of tiny toon adventures: buster's escape for the sega megadrive.
  • Queen of poker - A hack of fantasy majong by sachen.
  • Majong king - A port of majong story by sachen.
  • Majong iii - A official inventor game.
  • Art of majong - A official nintendo game.

Game Boy Color

These three games all contain text in the ROM mentioning Gamtec, which seems to be from some kind of development tool, Gamtec just supplied tools to someone else.

  • e'Fighter HOT - Uses gamtec's fighting engine.
  • King of Fighters R2 - published by SKOB - A original game based on king of fighters 97 by sintax.
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves - A original game based on queen of fighting by vast fame.


It seems gamtec have developed all the korean arcade games and sintax just translated them back to korean text.


Connections to other companies

  • Super Game's music was outsourced to a Taiwanese company; as they use the same Konami sound engine found in many of Gamtec's NES titles, this was presumably Gamtec.
  • The demo of Castlevania DX by Sintax contains text from the same Gamtec development tool used in the Game Boy Color games listed above. But the game just uses their music.
  • The sound engine from many of Gamtec's early Mega Drive games was based off of/taken from a game called Shi Kin Jou by Sunsoft. In fact, the sound effects from Magic Girl, Bomboy, and others were directly ripped from that game.
  • Some later Gamtec games, including Squirrel King and Legend of Wukong, use the sound engine from Wonder Boy III, including a power-up sound taken directly from that game.


  1. The third world's boss in Super Bubble Bobble MD looks suspiciously like the protagonist of Magic Girl, Ling Ling.  It's unclear if she's supposed to be a cameo or if she simply shares a similar design.

    Magic Girl (left) and Super Bubble Bobble MD (right).


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