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Garou: Mark of the Wolves is a loose adaptation of the Neo-Geo game with the same name for Game Boy Color, created by BBD at an unknown date.


Garou screen

Gameplay screenshot.

Eight characters are playable in this game, with half of the roster being available in the actual MotW, while the rest has their spotlight only in older Fatal Fury games. The Garou cast consists of Rock Howard, Terry Bogard (in his new outfit), Kim Dong Hwan and Kim Jae Hoon. All these characters have been drawn 'from scratch', being maximally accurate to the style of actual Neo-Geo Pocket Color fighting games style, with the only exception being Kim Jae Hoon, who's a head swap of Kim Kap Hwan from his appearances in Fatal Fury: First Contact and King of Fighters R1. The older Fatal Fury cast has been derived from the same Fatal Fury: First Contact game and consists of Mai Shiranui, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, and Ryo Sakazaki. After fighting all eight characters, the player has to defeat three 'recolors' in order to get the ending.

The backgrounds are original, though Rock's stage heavily resembles Kain R Heinlein's castle from the actual MOTW, complete with the portrait of Marie Heinlein. In addition, Andy Bogard's stage looks more like the Spain background from The King of Fighters '98.



  • This game uses music from The King of Fighters '95 for Game Boy by Takara, (the music speeds up at certain points though, suggesting that the KOF '95 sound engine doesn't particularly sit well with the KOF R2 engine.) Like for example, Terry's stage uses the Character Select theme, while Jae Hoon's stage uses the Staff Roll theme.
  • The box art features character art from The King of Fighters '99, including for Joe Higashi, the only of the depicted characters to actually appear in the game.
  • An unused Fatal Fury logo is in the rom, suggesting that they had planned to release this in Western territories.
  • The King of Fighters R2, published by SKOB, shares the engine and the style of the backgrounds with this game.
  • The game has a Fiver Firm boot logo, but this may be a leftover from E'Fighter HOT, as only BBD is credited on the packaging.