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Generation NEX is a NES and Famicom hardware clone released in 2005. It was developed by a company called Messiah Entertainment, Inc. The machine is designed to play most games released for the Famicom and its American/European equivalent, the Nintendo Entertainment System. The console supports both the Japanese Famicom 60-pin cartridges and the North American/European NES 72-pin cartridges.

Messiah Entertainment's official compatibility list states that the system is compatible with 97.25% of NES games released in the United States. Twenty-one NES games are listed as not compatible, including Castlevania III. The compatibility list is disputed; while there are claims from some that the NEX is faithful to the original NES, others claim that the replication of picture and sound is inaccurate and that some games have additional glitches when played on the NEX. Speculation has arisen as to whether this effect is due to the machine being based on NES-on-a-chip hardware design. The manufacturer claims however that a custom-designed IC, different than the NES-on-a-chip is being used, allegedly "built on the NES algorithm".

The Generation NEX has its own wireless technology and therefore supports the Wireless NEX Controllers and a Wireless Arcade Stick. The NEX's two controller ports supports original NES controllers and other original accessories.

This system has pseudo-stereo sound capability which can be programmed into future games. Supported titles still play in dual mono since the NES only supports mono sound. The Generation NEX's technical documents were never released, causing this to become an unused feature.

The Generation NEX's name is a portmanteau of Generation X and Nintendo Entertainment System.

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